Project Description

Medical Textiles

Medical textiles includes products with antibacterial properties that are used in the field of health. Medical textiles mostly used in hospitals include gowns, overalls and masks worn by healthcare personnel, as well as fabrics for surgeries and beds. Medical clothing products are generally produced for single use. The main reason for this is hygiene.

Cotton fabrics designed as surgical drape fabric do not meet the standards set by the European Union. Surgical clothes are clothes that are produced to prevent the transmission of viruses between the patient and the doctor and to separate the sterile and non-sterile areas. Surgical drapes should be like a barrier against bacteria. In this respect, disposable products give better results compared to disposable surgical gowns and cloths designed as fabrics.

Gowns and masks are as important as surgical covers. Medical gowns, which are made of 100% polyester knitted fabric, have antibacterial and water repellent properties. They are breathable and free from toxic substances. Each of the masks and aprons produced using polyester fabric are reusable.. Although they are generally used in the health sector, they are sometimes needed in different sectors.