Atılım Örme was established in 2000. From the first day with the addition of the machine with a dynamic band has been producing.Previously only in the domestic apparel sector has started to produce fabric. Production of outer wear, home textiles, technical textiles and manufacturing for the medical industry also has become a company that adds appeal to a broad sector, is a company that constantly renews itself and represent our country with collection at the international fairs. Products at the fair took place at the tables, and collections of each trend over time has become a sought-after company.

 All equipment with a high-tech products produced in the production departments, yarn, weaving, dyeing and finishing processes in each stage, each chapter is its own quality control laboratory. These laboratories are capable of analyzing for all kind of raw, semi-finished, finished product.

  Total quality approach, investing in people, closely following technology, fundamental and walking to the future strength ATILIM ÖRME; technologically-equipped R&D and design departments to follow the ever-changing world trends of colors and designs to create their own fashion, is a leading company that can offer to the world.