Project Description


Outerwear is one of the categories with the highest product range in the clothing industry. In addition to outerwear products worn to meet basic needs, current fashion requirements also lead to different types of outerwear. The category of outerwear, which can be divided into two main groups as bottom and top clothing, appeals to all genders and all ages. Products such as trousers, skirts, shorts and tracksuits are in the sub-clothing group. The upper clothing group consists of products such as tights, tunics, blouses, vests, shirts, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

The increase in outerwear types day by day and the decrease of the use of some products depend on current fashion habits. The prevalence of outerwear types that adapt to the concept of fashion also increases. Since the habit of wearing outerwear varies according to the season, some products are periodically accepted in fashion. Also, outerwear products are included in many different groups according to age and gender. Another specific group is the outerwear group, which includes school and business attires as well as uniforms.