Project Description

Technical Textiles

The main purpose of technical textiles is to produce functional products with high technical performance rather than products with aesthetic and decorative features. Technical textiles are a group that develops and varies according to needs. Among the main uses of technical textiles is construction, automotive, medicine, sports, industry, packaging, agricultural, ecological, geological textiles and home textiles. The products in the technical textile group have some specific features.

• In terms of mechanical feature, strength, elasticity and reinforcement are the properties expected from technical textiles.
• Technical textiles have the ability to change the condition of a material.
• Porous products have the ability to allow the passage of small particles and prevent large particles.
• They may have features such as electrical conduction and insulation, heat conduction and insulation.
• Technical textile materials can be surgical materials, prostheses or biological materials dissolved in the body. In this way, they are convenient to use for human health.
• Moreover, the technical textile materials can protect the environment and people from thermal, mechanical and radiological effects.