Project Description


Underwear includes products that are manufactured and worn to protect the body and keep it clean. Because textiles and fashion have developed and changed, the purpose of underwear products has also diversified by going beyond this basic purpose. The most used products of the underwear group are athletes, panties and bras. In addition, products such as swimsuits, bikinis, pareos, nightgowns and dressing gowns are also included in the underwear group.

Bras are used to protect breasts from external factors, keep them upright and ensure that breasts are not visible from clothes. Classic bras meet these goals, while the supported bras aim to keep the breasts upright or make them larger.
The main purpose of the panties is to protect private areas from external factors and keep them clean. The panty fabrics should be made of cotton so that the private parts can be healthy. In addition, there are aesthetically designed panties that are suitable mostly for women, but also for men.

Swimsuits and bikinis in the underwear group are used as outerwear on the beaches and in the summer spots. Swimsuit and bikini types required for swimming are produced in different models for sunbathing and looking stylish in the holiday spots.