Project Description

Upholstery Fabrics

Home textiles are fabrics that complement, protect and visualize the parts of your home. In addition to creating a decorative effect, home textile products make living spaces and furniture more comfortable. Almost every fabric in the house is included in the home textile. For example, upholstery fabrics, curtains, tulle, furniture and even pillow covers are considered as home textile products.

Home textile has gained more importance in the modern period than in the past. Since people want useful products as well as aesthetic style, the properties of the fabrics used in home textiles have become important and the variety of fabrics has been increased. In this context, home textile aims to increase the quality of the spaces and presents them to the consumer in the most useful and comfortable form. In this sense, the most important point is the fabrics used in home textile products.

Each product must be combined with the fabrics suitable for its purpose to provide favorable quality and comfort. For example, the comfort expected from a curtain and a sofa is for them to be stain-proof and soft. This type of fabric should be preferred in the coating. Fabrics used in home textile:
• Should be dirt-resistant and stain-proof,
• Should be resistant to sun and light,
• Should not be electrified,
• Should be easy to clean,
• Should have a soft structure.